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Linda McCartney
  • Has smoked "in real life" (IRL) = Probably, unconfirmed
  • Profession = musician
  • Her entry in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Proof she has smoked (or quit) "in real life"
              •  shown smoking, "Silly Love Songs" (vide), c. '76
              •  quit - interview, where?, mid 90's
  • Pictures of her smoking
              •  holding cigarettes, "Wingspan" by Paul McCartney and Mark Lewisohn, '02, pgs. 166, 176

    Stella McCartney
  • Has smoked "in real life" (IRL) = Probably, unconfirmed
  • Profession = designer
  • Her entry in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Cigar/Cigarette Brand
              •  Marlboro Lights, Elle, Jun. '00
  • Proof she has smoked (or quit) "in real life"
              •  "Dragging hard on a cigarette", Daily Mail (UK), Oct. 16, '97
              •  "Not perfect, though, this Virgo enjoys the odd cigarette, but she says she's not addicted", Toronto Sun, Feb. 21, '98
              •  "I'd leave there and be in this basement in Savile Row with guys speaking cockney rhyming slang, smoking fags and drinking beer", The Independent (UK), Apr. 12, '98
              •  "During the interview, Stella, with her mother's strawberry blond coloring and her father's dreamy eyes, began smoking a cigarette. When talk of her mother's breast cancer came up, she quickly crushed it into an ash tray, saying: 'I know I shouldn't take my health for granted; my mother taught me that'", The Canadian Press, Apr. 20, '98
              •  "Stella McCartney leans forward to light a cigarette, her satiny blue shirt bursting open to the third button ... 'I don't get too stressed', she says, grinding out her cigarette", Sunday Telegraph (UK), Jul. 26, '98
              •  dangling and dragging backstage during Paris Fashion Week, "Clive James Meets The Supermodels", ITV, Sep. '98
              •  "everyone from John Galliano to Stella McCartney, pop star Bryan Ferry and Honor Fraser had slipped out the back door for a sly puff", Evening Standard (UK), Feb. 23, '99
              •  "smoking a cigarette and chewing gum at the same time", New York Times, Dec. 12, '99
              •  "she smokes", "[she] bums a cigarette", Vogue, Jul. '00, pgs. 182, 185
              •  "Tough, no-nonsense. Born famous, she has no trouble adjusting to her ascendant star status. Party style: smokes, drinks", The Times (UK), Jul. 13, '01
              •  "'...when I was about ten we were all going to go to a Jackson Five concert. All of us kids were upstairs in a back room beforehand, and I had a puff of a cigarette. When it was time to leave for the concert, I went to kiss my dad goodbye, and he smelled it and said, 'Stella, did you smoke a cigarette?' And I said, 'Noooo.' I was totally busted and I didn't get to go to the concert.'", "She...had sneaked out to smoke cigarettes in the stairwell.", "she was smoking a cigarette", The New Yorker, Sep. 17, '01
              •  "she bummed a cigarette", Women's Wear Daily, Oct. 22, '02
              •  "Her one vice is being a 'sociable smoker'", The Times (UK), Oct. 22, '02
              •  "she's one of the smokers", Daily Mail (UK), Apr. 14, '03
              •  "This is probably the place for a crafty fag", Sunday Times (UK), Apr. 27, '03
              •  "In a corner of her west London local Stella McCartney is sipping her second vodka and tonic and she asks me to keep quiet about the number of cigarettes she's smoking", Sunday Times (UK), Dec. 14, '03
              •  "says Stella, momentarily averting that stark blue gaze as she stubs out her cigarette", GQ Magazine (UK), when?
  • Pictures of her smoking
              •  holding, candid, kissing father Paul, backstage at fashion show, Observer (UK), Oct. 18, '98
              •  holding pack, You magazine, Mail on Sunday (UK), Jun. 4, '00
              •  candid, holding, Loaded (UK), Nov. '01
  • Pictures from the net
  • candid, holding, '96

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